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1. Welcome aboard my ship. 欢迎光临我轮。 

2. Here are all the Seaman’s Book and two copies of the Crew List. 这是全部的海员证和两份船员名单。 

3. Will you please fill out the Application Form for shore passes? 请你填写登岸证申请表好吗? 

4. When can we get the shore passes? 我们什么时候能得到登岸证呢? 

5. Please collect all the shore passes and return them to me before  ship’s departure. 你轮离港前情把所有的登岸证收 齐并交回给我。 

6. Shall we begin the Customs formalities now? 现在我们开始海关手续吗? 

7. Here are the Import Cargo Manifest, the Crew’s list, the last  Port Clearance and Crew’s Effects Declaration. 这是进口载货单, 船员名单,上一港口出港许可证和船员个人物品申报单。 

8. We have general cargo store. 我们只载一般货物。 

9. This is our bonded store. 这是我们的保税物料间。 

10. We Chinese seamen should observe the Customs regulations. 我们中国海员应该遵守海关规章。 

11. I’ll take you to the Pilot’s cabin fist. 我先领你去引水员房间。 

12. Please follow me. 请跟我来。 

13. When can we enter the harbour? 我们什么时候能够进港? 

14. Now, tell me the draft fore and aft, please. 现在请告诉我船的前后的吃水。 

15. We have to wait here till the tide turns. 我们要在这里等到潮涨。 

16. How long will it take us from here to the harbour. 从这里到港口需用多少时间? 

17. Which berth shall we take? 我们使用哪个泊位? 

18. What side will go alongside? 那边船舷靠岸? 

19. How many lines are we to make fast ashore? 我们用几根缆绳岸上绑牢。 

20. Is the ship in position now? 现在船到位了吗? 

21. I’ll make out a stowage plan before loading. 我将在装货前制作好配载图。 

22. All the holds are ready for loading. 全部货舱已准备好装。 

23. According to the stowage plan, the heavy cargo must be stowed on the ceiling and the lighter cargo placed on the op. 根据配载图,重货堆装在舱底,轻货放在顶上。 

24. The containers on deck must be securely lashed. 甲板上的集装箱必须绑牢。 

25. Would you mind going with me to have a look at all the  holds  and make a record on the spot? 请你与我一起看看各货舱并作现场记录好吗? 

26. When will you begin discharging? 你们什么时候开始卸? 

27. How many shifts are there a day? 一天有几个班次? 

28. How many gangs will you start with? 你们准备派几个工组 开工。 

29. The safe working load of each derrick is five tons.每台吊货杆的安全负荷是五吨。 

30. When do you expect to finish the discharge? 你们预期什么时候卸完货。 

31. Why didn’t you report the matter to me when you found the  damaged cargoes? 当你发现残损货物时,你为什么不向我报告这件事? 

32. There is too much difference between your figure and the  loading port tally figure. 你的数字和装货港的理货数字相差很大。 

33. I think the stevedores’ damage is here too. 我想这里也有工残。 

34. We’d better call the cargo surveyor aboard to ascertain the extent  of damage to the cargoes.我们还是叫商检员上船来确定残损货物的程度为好。 

35. I believe your tally figure, but I believe the loading port tally figure,  too.我相信你的数字,但我也相信装货港的理货数字。 

36. We need three hundred tons of fuel oil and two hundred tons of  diesel oil. 我们需要300吨燃料油和200吨柴油。 

37. I hope your supplies are of high quality and not short of  weight. 我希望你们供应的油要高质量,不缺分量。 

38. The larger oil line is six inches, for fuel oil and the smallr one is four  inches, for diesel oil. 大的油管6英寸,用于燃料油,小的油管4英寸,用于柴油。 

39. Could you send your oil barge here tomorrow morning?  你能在明天上午派油驳船来吗? 

40. Please pump fuel oil first and then diesel oil. 请先泵燃料油,再泵柴油。 

41. I’d like to look round your warehouse before I decide  what to buy.      我要先看一看你们的货栈再决定买什么?

42. The Chief Cook will go with me. 大厨师与我一起去。 

43. I want to know how you sell them. 我要知道你们怎样卖。 

44. Can’t you manage any cheaper? 你们能不能便宜一点卖吗? 

45. Please send the vegetables on board straightaway. 请立 即把蔬菜送上船。 

46. We are to leave the harbour as soon as the loading is completed. 我们在卸货后离港。 

47. When can we get the Outward Clearance and sailing permit? 我们什么时候能得到出口结关证和开航许可证。 

48. We are ready for your order to sail. 我们正等待你的开航命令。 

49. The sailor on duty is hoisting the Blue Peter now.值班水手正在升起开航旗(P字旗)。

50. Thank you for your cooperation, Pilot. 引水员先生,谢谢你的合作。





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